How do we go about designing our future and being conscious of our past? How to lay the foundations for a sustainable world? And what does it mean to live in a present that is trans-cultural through and through? Read our voices editorial.

Averting a Future that No One Wants To See Coming

It is one of the most fascinating works at the Children's Biennale: Thijs Biersteker's installation "Wither". Yet the work has a more serious background. The delicate, semi-transparent artificial leaves light up in a rhythm that depicts the deforestation of the rainforest in the Amazon. How does this work? We asked the artist.

17. November 2021 — Read / Interview (3 minutes) More

A Library for the Environment

Recently, the Japanisches Palais became home to the Environmental Library, formerly located at the Umweltzentrum Dresden. With a scope of over 6000 titles on nature and environmental protection, this specialized library can be traced back in part to the ecological movement in the later years of the GDR. But what exactly is an environmental library? To find out, we spoke to Claudia Nikol and Martina Pohle from the Umweltzentrum Dresden.

09. November 2021 — Read / Interview (6 minutes) More

Vermeer’s generosity

In many ways, Tom Hunter’s “Woman reading a Possession Order” seems to capture the effect of Vermeer’s original painting “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window”. Yet if one looks more closely at Hunter’s photograph from 1997, differences become apparent. Jane Boddy on an iconic image and its contemporary appropriations.

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The elusive story of ice

Marijke van Warmerdam’s work Eiskugel – quite literally an ice ball of ∅ 25 cm – is a modest piece that might have been somewhat simple if it weren’t also slowly melting in the gallery space. Jane Boddy on the tremendous energy put into the production of a clear, carved piece of ice currently on show at the Children’s Biennale "Embracing Nature" at the Japanisches Palais.

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