In September 2021, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden launched voices, an online platform. More than just a new digital magazine, voices is a platform for a multitude of voices and perspectives, for a discourse. Drawing on the principles that guide the Japanisches Palais – a field for experimenting with formats within the SKD – this is where we think over the museum of the future. To design the future: That means to be conscious of the past, also with regards to our cultural heritage and the SKD’s own collections. To design the future means to step into a sustainable world and to reflect on the role of the museum. Finally, we’d like to facilitate trans-cultural encounters among individuals, but also between artifacts of wide-ranging origins. Because actions undertaken locally carry consequences on a global scale. The holdings in the SKD’s 15 collections tell of many trans-cultural entanglements. Taking a look at our collections, we aim to elaborate novel ­perspectives, to unravel old canonical tales. In this we are orientated by the SKD’s exhibition program, gaining new points of view in order to discuss art and culture – coming from the voices of contributors within the SKD’s museums as well as outside it.

Voices sees itself not just a place for discussion but also as a medium for experience. ON SCREEN, our new digital exhibition space, features art and moving images to accompany and expand current exhibitions at the museum, a programming that also stands on its own. A supplement to exhibits on view at our physical locations, this programming enables us to offer an online art experience to the public. Part of our exhibition program, ON SCREEN is a step further towards a hybrid model of exhibitions mounted at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Hosting a multitude of voices and perspectives, voices is likewise a place for education. Futur 3, our youth advisory board, was helpful in developing this platform, and here it offers installments of its new podcast, Futur 3. We invite you to discover voices for yourself: look, read and tune in.

The voices editorship