Futur 3 - Podcast

From here you can access the Futur 3 podcast. Futur 3 is the SKD’s youth advisory board and a young think tank. Working with the aim of rethinking culture, we develop new formats and make space for discussion and exchange. If you’d like to know what ideas we’re having, tune in to hear our podcast – and follow us on Spotify.

14. December 2022 — Hören / Podcast (31:54 Minuten)

Futur 3 - Podcast: OstWest

In dieser Folge widmen wir uns der Identität, genauer der Frage inwiefern die Vorstellung eines in Ost und West geteilten Deutschlands für das Selbstverständnis unserer Generation noch eine Rolle spielt. Dabei geht es um Othering, persönliche Erfahrungen und sprachliche Überbleibsel der deutschen Teilung, die sich bis heute erhalten haben.

01. March 2022 — Listen / Podcast (48:26 minutes)

Futur 3 - Podcast: Voluntary Service

In this episode, we will talk about social engagement formats, more specifically the Federal Volunteer Service and the Voluntary Social Year. Various institutions from the social, ecological and cultural sectors offer the opportunity to volunteer for a year in the service of the common good and in the course of this to gain insight into the working practice within these areas. Volunteers also regularly work at the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. Anna, Johanna, Juliane and Theo report on their experiences.

13. December 2021 — Listen / Podcast (19:55 minutes)

Futur 3 - Podcast: Field Trip

What are youth advisory boards up to in other museums in Germany? We set out to find out! For the fourth episode of our podcast we went on a field trip to Munich and Berlin, where with met with Kollektiv Crèmbach and Achtet Alis MB, the youth bodies at Lenbachhaus in Munich and in Berlin’s Staatlichen Museen. In this new episode we discuss what we’ve discovered there and how other youth advisory boards go about doing their work. Tune in!

17. September 2021 — Listen / Podcast (44:30 minutes)

Futur 3 - Podcast: The Museum of the Future

Sustainability, education, coming together. An inclusive place for all. Have you already asked yourself what the museum of the future should look like? In episode 2 of our podcast we’re dealing with a highly personal topic, which also concerns our own role as the youth advisory board. We’ll be laying out our thoughts and ideas on the museum of the future – and since we’ve got a lot to say here, we’ve split the episode into two parts. By Futur 3.

17. September 2021 — Listen / Podcast (26:17 minutes)

Futur 3 - Podcast: The Museum of the Future (Part 2)

Is it possible for a museum to be a place where everyone feels at ease? A space that is framed differently, a place of freedom and utopia? In episode 3, as we continue to think the museum of the future, we’re debating the issue of mediation in museums – and what it may look like in the future. In addition, having talked with Kevin Bauch from Fridays for Future, we’ll be presenting his ideas on sustainability in museums. By Futur 3.

13. July 2021 — Listen / Podcast (30:28 minutes)

Futur 3 - Podcast: Bellum et Artes

The Thirty Years’ War – how does it concern us today? What does it feel like to look back at history’s bare ground, at the Schwedenlöcher? This decades-long conflict, which broke more than 400 years ago over religious influence and political domination, brought about hunger, fatalities and diseases spreading across Central Europe, yet it was also a very human war. In this first episode of our podcast, in parallel to the exhibition Bellum & Artes, we’re discussing the Thirty Years’ Wars in Central Europe and Saxony – and how the past touches on the present. By Futur 3.