Poolpropaganda in Wermsdorf 28. September 2023

„An outdoor pool allows for a double immersion - in the element of water as well as in an ever-changing community of people.“

Freely translated from: Matthias Oloew, Schwimmbäder. 200 Jahre Architekturgeschichte des öffentlichen Bades, 2019

Poolpropaganda in Wermsdorf  (11. bis 20. August 2023)

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14. August 2023 — Read / Article

Palais garden #2 - Aphids, ants and ladybirds

If you happened to sit under the hop-draped pergola in the garden of the Japanisches Palais in May or June, you may well have been surprised by how sticky the leaves were. If you looked more closely, you will have spotted hundreds of minute black insects clinging to the plant stems or the undersides of the leaves: aphids.

24. April 2023 — Watch / Video

Last round at the "Weißes Ross"

A pub in the museum? There are many inviting, sociable places in Leipzig. In recent years, numerous old pubs have had to close, including the Weißes Roß ("White Horse") owned by Jens-Thomas Nagel. It was located near the Grassimuseum, today it is housed inside of it.

20. June 2023 — Watch / Conversation

MeissenLabs #3: Trade

Part 3 of MeissenLab is about trade with countries outside the socialist bloc. The most important sales market was West Germany. In the 1980s, Japan also rose to a prominent position, with the GDR maintaining close diplomatic and economic ties.