How do we go about designing our future and being conscious of our past? How to lay the foundations for a sustainable world? And what does it mean to live in a present that is trans-cultural through and through? Read our voices editorial. More

20. June 2024


The Canaletto view is probably the most famous city view of Dresden. What it will look like in the future is, of course, uncertain. A visit to the children's biennial "Planet Utopia" at the Japanisches Palais and also here on voices is a chance to see how artificial intelligence imagines the future of the famous city view. A team of students from TU Dresden has developed a format that we can use to give direction to AI's dream of the future.

30. April 2024 — Read / Article

Palais garden #3 - Vermin and virtu: Possible conflicts with biodiversity in the museum context

The garden at the Japanisches Palais is a place where human beings, plants and animals can be said to coexist. It is a place where ecological cycles can be seen and natural processes observed. In a museum’s inner courtyard, however, we are caught between teaching people about the topics of the future and preserving valuable art by preventing pest damage. How can that balance be maintained?

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Discover the Japanisches Palais with all your senses Projects to overcome our barriers

By making it easier to access our cultural heritage, the Japanisches Palais (Japanese Palace) is helping to promote democracy. Barrier-free access fosters diversity by promoting a variety of perspectives and experiences and sensitising people to a wide range of topics. Katharina Parow presents some of our inclusion programmes.

14. August 2023 — Read / Article

Palais garden #2 - Aphids, ants and ladybirds

If you happened to sit under the hop-draped pergola in the garden of the Japanisches Palais in May or June, you may well have been surprised by how sticky the leaves were. If you looked more closely, you will have spotted hundreds of minute black insects clinging to the plant stems or the undersides of the leaves: aphids.

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