How do we go about designing our future and being conscious of our past? How to lay the foundations for a sustainable world? And what does it mean to live in a present that is trans-cultural through and through? Read our voices editorial. More

17. January 2024 — Read / Article

Krater project: from a feral plant to a feral site

They say that bad weeds grow tall. Where building projects have failed to do so, weeds often grow tall instead, bearing witness to the stranding of earlier ambitions. But how should we deal with such spaces in the city? What should we do with the craters left behind by failed building plans? A collective of creatives in Ljubljana finds answers.

28. November 2023 — Read / Article

The stories coco de macuco tells us

In this article, Taiane Linhares introduces plant storytelling as a method for reconnecting to ancestral wisdom and relating to unfamiliar places and cultures. In her crash investigation during the Design Campus in Pillnitz, she used a family story involving a plant relative to develop connections to the royal garden’s Palmenhaus. The result of this research was a mixed-media piece expressing the local and global impacts of the colonisation process and its persistence.

10. November 2023 — Read / Article

Power Games – Of Pleasure Gardens and Golf Courses

Katharina Mludek took part in this year's Design Campus at the Museum of Decorative Arts, which was all about plant fever. She wrote for us about pleasure and play in the (Pillnitz) garden and about who actually cultivates whom in the garden.

09. August 2023 — Read / Article

Design Campus 2023: Becoming Plant

This year, the Design Campus at the Kunstgewerbemuseum is all about plants. In their opening lecture for the Design School, design duo d-o-t-s, who also curated the exhibition Plant Fever, call for a rethinking of the relationship between humans and plants. d-o-t-s on the invention of the salt shaker and rooting robots.

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